Plugs, Shrugs, & Hugs

Here is the PLUG: I made a video for Rooftop Comedy’s Holiday Countdown. It is featured today on that esteemed website.

Here is the SHRUG:
I totally got denied to give blood to myself yesterday (see previous post), but I basically had to nix myself because my screener didn’t speak English. I told her I had jaundice when I was a baby, and she said, “But just your baby has jauntus, right? Not you?” So I had to be all, “No, I’m the baby! Doncha see? I’m the baby!”

Then she passed me even though I was looking at the same papers as her, and I was all “Hold up. I don’t think this is right.” Sure enough it twasn’t! To the bottom of the reject pile! She looked relieved that I was off her hands. No blood on her hands! Ever.


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