Imploding Stress Hiccup Leads to Adorably Tiny Supernova

Cutest supernovahhhh EVAHHHHHH
original photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Sometimes I feel like everybody is caught up in the mundane intensity of life and I am the person in the movie going “DON’T YOU SEE THE ROCKET IS GONNA EXPLODE?!!? IS ANYBODY LISTENING?! HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [sic].” And meanwhile people can’t get over how sharp the new control panels look in dispatch.

Actually, yesterday I was complaining about people complaining and being too negative. Today I am complaining about people being too positive. I guess I just like to sit and play devil’s food cake advocate and emotionally gobble up logic flies in my web of lies.

Mostly, I want a Rip Van Winkle nap in which I wake up and have a beard and none of my problems are even relevant anymore.

Over and out, comrades.

P.S. This song has valuable, timely advice and a ridiculously cool video though. Note it!

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