Start Playing Games With My Heart! Leave My Brain Out of It!

Here is a one-time-only game that I play sometimes. It is ultimately pointless and extremely specific, but highly enjoyable in the mome (new slang for moment).

I take the only two movies that I can quote: Home Alone and Jurassic Park.

Then I have sporadic mini-conversations in my head that go like this!


JP: Hold onto your butts!

HA: I made my family disappear!

JP: He left us! He left us! But that’s not what I’m gonna do.


HA: Buzz! Your girlfriend! Woof!!!

JP: Shoot ‘er! Shoot ‘er!

HA: Keep tha change, you filthy animal!


JP: Clever guhl. *mime being torn apart by a velociraptor*

HA: Look what ya did, you little jerk!

That’s it! That’s the game!!! Nobody won, nobody lost, and nobody cheated, but everybody FEELS cheated. And that’s really all that matters.

P.S. FRAKIN’ ORMSOME Inner-view with Conan the O’Barian!!!

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