Internet, You’ve Done It Again!

Hey, guess what?!?!? Rhetorical question! But, guess what ELSE?! The web chalks up another win. This makes up for the 40,000+ dead-end results I get whenever I am doing overly subjective and vague Google searches (a la “the smiling purse jingle alligator concealer.” Google queries “Did you mean Bing?”).

Without further ado and with much to do, I bring you…(Spoiler Buzzkill Warning: It gets freaky at 3:00 when everyone starts melting, but the first half and some is downright whimsical.)

(P.s.S.t. The original vid for this song is saucy awesome too. NOT to mention this gosh darn goodness!)


Teddy Bear Tours (via doodling dynamo Alex B.)

What?! All my dreams came true in one day! How so exactly?! I’ll show-n-tell you!

TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! In for the unbelievable close-up!

I need a week staycation to work out all the joy the mere fact that these two things exist caused in my yoo-man being.

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