Oh Baby Baby


More like “Baby Makes Compelling Argument FOR MY HEART AND OVARIES.”

This little tyke left the courtroom baffled as she was clearly guilty but the high-pitched cadence of her argument left everyone hypnotized. Plus meting out a sentence of 25 to 30 naps seems harsh for the formative years.

I also like how the older brother witness steps in (at 0:59) to re-establish his distance from the crime in question. CLASSIC.

The unclipped onesie flaps (first visible at 0:42) and the sincerely apologetic dance break (starts at 2:00) really pushed this thing over the edge for me.

This baby could only be held in contempt by a jury of stuffed animal peers for being too outspoken. All other charges dropped! Case dismissed via gooey floating cloud-shaped balloons!

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