Baby’s First Paragraphs

I now wake up to the sounds of construction and children sowing their wild oats on the playground during recess. Try to package that up, SkyMall!

LA is cute so far (two weeks in, don’t hold me to the dates, Yearbook Staff). That’s right, cute! I am attempting to control something that is a bunch of question marks right now. I live with a buoyant dachshund-chihuahua (Chiweenie, thanks Google) mix named Charlie (here is an approximation of his infinite adorability factor), and in a house where we watch movies like Re-Animator late at night. I was reunited with my boy-more-than-friend. Hard to find fault as of yet!

Right now, I’m in a coffee shop that is only playing reggae so that is the official new soundtrack to me checking my email. Check back in a few months when I can find my feet. They have gone missing! If anyone sees ’em, just point ’em in my direction and tell ’em to powerwalk it out.

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