FYI diplomats, foreign embarrassadors, and Perez Hiltons of the Dorna Star in Galaxy 5B, all my secrets are now available in The Washington Post via profile piece.

Here you go!

Sorry, WikiLeaks, I felt like going the classic route with my bean spilling.

In case you’re wondering, no stuffed animals were harmed in the making of the photos. In fact, the camera used was sensitive to light, but also feelings.

Spoiler alert: I live at the end.


The Washington Post has facially profiled me here.

With photos and everything! Click for the reading, stay for the weeping.

Here is the first paragraph to draw you in:

“Hi!” says Aparna Nancherla, 28, from the stage. “It’s okay, you guys, I’m surprised I’m a comedian, too!” The audience here for open-mike night at the Topaz Hotel laughs at the self-awareness of the joke — understanding, perhaps, that this short, slight Indian American woman with her low-key delivery looks more like a high school student. “Your eyes will adjust,” she adds.

Dun dun dun…

There You Are!

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