This is Everyone’s Relationship, Am I Right?

Two comedians walk into a bar. Only one leaves. That’s how an engagement ceremony works, right? No, wrong.

But I do date a comedian and since I’m one also, people are always asking me, “What’s that like?! Are you guys always trying to one up each other? Who’s funnier? Do you ever get serious about anything? Am I still your friend? Why are you power walking away and not leaving a trail of Milk Duds for me to follow like usual?”

Barney Frankly, I got tired of the paparazzi (how I refer to my nearz&dearz) asking questions more than snapping candids. So to put all the foofaraw meets hullabaloo to an end, here’s a little snippet from a web convo we had today.

(No, I don’t get why this looks smudgy either.)

See? Just like any ol’ folks.

I hope this puts everybody’s concerns/curiosity to rest, and/or/either/hey/oops/stop/what this opens up a different can of worms I can complain about at a different date.

Oh, and if you don’t “get” it, I’m sorry. But life was born with a context and I’m not here to provide you with the test answers. Only more questions. Consider this a commencement speech for which I was never hired, or even qualified. You should have studied harder or, at the very least, louder.

P.S. BoyBoy and I are both available for Bar Mitzvah debriefings and wedding reception clean up. We specialize in being yelled at!

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