The Wifi Password Is Crowdsourcing

I decided to sit at the communal table in this coffee shop because I wanted to be part of the solution. But instead this is the place where nobody has private convos, or is seemingly here to accomplish anything except talk inappropriately loudly about their Kickstarter project. Everybody looks around occasionally to make sure you are aware of them, and constantly shifts on these group benches so that the sequel to the Industrial Revolution is but a lucid fever dream.

Someone’s phone alarm just went off to remind her to be more annoying.

Near me, a woman eats veggie chili like it matters. I have no issue with her. She looks like she doesn’t believe in Kindles.

Actually, a woman at the other end is yell-whispering to her colleague nee frenemy. This is what she just said: “I’ve seen how hard you work for other people. I’ve seen how hard you work for yourself. You’re just a little freakyass nerd.”

Then she excused herself citing “I have to get a Twizzler.”

And the bench weight shifts and my coffee shudders and the appropriated world music CD plays on…

A poster in the corner melodramatically reads “This too shall pass” as if to say “I’m just a dorm room conversation starter. What do I know?!?”

There is also a cat walking around like he is about to fire all of us for existing. I couldn’t agree more.

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