Confessions of a Cheater: Different Blog Dalliance

OK! Confession time! I did a little bloggy bloogy elsewhere.

But don’t worry, I remembered to clean up after myself, because I am a responsible blog owner. And I never overstay my welcome at the blog park.

Basically, I did a little series called The Group Coupon Project over at CC:Studios, one of Comedy Central’s digital ventures.

It was a cool, reasonable time wherein I got to try out different Internet deals & then recap ’em, like a goldarn pioneer on the Western web front.

Here were the four parts, in case you like options:

1. Hollywoodland Tour

2. Thai Massage 

3. Beginners’ Knitting Class

4. Whale Watching Tour

THE ENDZ! (or is it just the BEGINNING of the MIDDLE?!)

P. to the S. Reconnected with one of my favorite YouTubicles of all time. Maybe because I’m a women, I appreciate the effervescent power of a good sync up, but this hype man of a vidja reinvigorates my spirit, time and time again.

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