HI FRANDZ, thank you so, so, so, so, la, ti doe much for the kind words & buttons you’ve sent my way! I was indeed lucky enough to be on the Conan show on Monday night, doing standup for the first time on the telly. It was a dream come true. The man is very tall, very nice, and very much my hero. And don’t get me started on Andy.

Here’s the set!

And Jezebel was nice enough to scoopz it! I’m not totally sure that I’m the first Indian-American lady to do stand up on late night U.S. smell-o-vision, but if I am, whoa.

Check Out Some New VIDEO BLOPS From Me!

Hi Beady-Eyed Lovebugs,

Apologies for the lack of communiques, I have been writing & scooting lately working on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, now daily Sunday-Thursday at 11 on FXX!

And in so doing, had the chance to be a part of this emotional rollercoaster, written by hilari-rascal Eliza Skinner:

And this tongue-in-cheeky album review:

Also I got to do a cool MTV Other series called Inside Joke in which they reenact a stand up joke of yours. Mine is called STEALING CREDIT. Forewarning: Some swearing and butt swearing involved. I don’t know how to embed it, and for that, I truly apologize.

OK!!! That’s all for now! Back to your regularly scheduled latte or 4 Loko, whatever you’re into.

Yours in Pumpkins and Gourd-Based Decor,

Lastly, this guy was also flying high at the airport yesterday. There’s hope yet! For all of us!