Hey Everyfun!

So, in a strong attempt to post on here more than every other year, here I am with my propeller hat spinning. Also, my website was dtnf (down to not function) for a good while, but a magical wizard helped me solve it, and now we’re back and GoDaddy’s none the wiser.

Here are some fun tonks that I have gotten to do in the recent past:

I was a panelist for NPR’s Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! this very week. What a thrill to be there! The other panelists Peter and Amy were as nice as could be, as were Peter Sagal and Bill Curtis and the whole public radio gang.

Speaking of great folks, I also did an interview for the White Guy Talk Show on Fuse that was on last night. Saurin and Grace are a dynamic duo the likes of which I have never seen on late-night television before. All the better for the all of us.

I am traveling a bunch more so please check my schedule in case I am scooting through your city anytime soon (upcoming dates in Seattle, Denver, Bloomington, etc.) or send me a toot if you’d like to see me. I’d love to see you!

I am also recording an album on Tuesday, June 2nd at Union Hall in NEW JORK CITAY. Two shows at 7:30 and 9:30. They are both currently sold out (EEE thankoo!!!), but people might change their minds. These are gruesome times. Consider leaving your schedule open.

Most importantly, you do you.

Your Erstwhile and Current Penpal,