Everything is happening! What a week!

First off, I was on Conan two nights ago. It was my second time on the show and it continues to be a magical place where literal giants come over and shake my hand.

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My album is also out. It’s now available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, and hard copy. And was in fact #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts on release day, HOORAY! You can buy here. And my mini-tour has kicked off (tickets/schedule also available here).

I am currently at the magical haven known as the Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana where my album’s label, Secretly Canadian, is based. But dates continue through the rest of the month!

And hey, if I missed your city, drop me a line, as I’ll be adding stops later this year for my West Coast, Midwest, and other geographically assorted friends.

Also, deep thanks to everyone for all the kind words and encouragement; it means a lot to my gumball heart. I feel very lucky, and it also feels somewhat surreal, during an otherwise grim time in the world. In that vein, let’s try and listen to each other and not be so quick to divide ourselves. It’s easier to put up walls than to be generous, and mutual kindness ultimately benefits us all.

Lots of smart handshakes & baby wipes,