Dear Fans and Friends,

I posted this notice in late summer on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, Fuzzball Enthusiast, etc.), and foolishly forgot to include it on my website. I sincerely apologize to those of you who may not have learned directly through the venues involved, but due to a very unexpected and exciting career opportunity that I am not allowed to share yet but will as soon as I able to, I have had to cancel all of my summer and fall tour dates, until further notice. But I know many of you already bought tickets and I am so disappointed to not get to see you sooner rather than later. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused and I am continually grateful and bolstered by your warm and generous support, enthusiasm, and messages.

Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and general ambience,


Jul 18-29 – Montreal, QC
Aug 13-17 – Fort Worth, TX
Aug 18 – Austin, TX
Aug 23 – Fort Wayne, IN
Aug 24 – Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 25 – Toronto, ON
Sept 6-8 – Bloomington, IN
Sept 13 – Phoenix, AZ
Sept 14 – Tucson, AZ
Sept 19 – Lawrence, KS
Sept 20 – Los Angeles, CA
Sept 21 – Portland, OR
Sept 22 – Seattle, WA
Sept 28 – Honolulu, HI
Sept 29 – San Francisco, CA
Oct 4 – Northampton, MA
Oct 5 – Burlington, VT
Oct 6 – Portland, ME
Oct 11 – Carrboro, NC
Oct 12 – Atlanta, GA
Oct 13 – New Orleans, LA
Oct 18 – Brooklyn, NY
Oct 19 – Boston, MA
Oct 23 – Lansing, MI
Oct 24 – Indianapolis, IN
Oct 25 – Detroit, MI
Oct 26 – Chicago, IL
Oct 27 – Minneapolis, MN
Nov 7 – Cleveland, OH
Nov 8 – Philadelphia, PA
Nov 9 – Wilmington, DE
Nov 10 – Washington, DC
Nov 14 – Ft. Collins, CO
Nov 15-17 – Denver, CO
Nov 29-Dec 1 – Salt Lake City, UT


  1. Eric says:

    We booked flights from Kauai and hotel to see you in Honolulu. Didn’t find out show was cancelled until StubHub failed to issue ticket on day of the event.

  2. John Panigas says:

    Hey Aparna,
    Just finished listening to your interview on The Hilarious World of Depression; beautifully done. I have just completed writing my first book, Crazy, Who Me? My Journey as an Entrepreneurial Leader with Depression and am starting a podcast. Apart from providing you an invitation to be on the podcast I am wondering if I could use some of your bits, in my intros?
    Thanks again for providing me with some great chuckles.

      • John Panigas says:

        Hey Aparna,
        I’d recall a typical morning in my life as a depressed leader. How tough it was to get out of bed. The drive to work. The armor I’d put on prior to entering the door, and the inauthentic day I’d experience. I have worked with numerous leaders in my executive coaching practice and have been exposed to this type of behavior. I am self-deprecating in my conversations on depression. And I have found several techniques to control the beast instead of it controlling me.

  3. Ketki Dadhania says:

    Interested in hosting you at the Indian cultural center in Marlton where we do annual comedy nights every year.

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