Hi folk singers, folk musicians, and all other types of folks,

Three big ANNOONCEMENTS (this would have been more effective had I published at noon)!

UNO) I am going on TOUR in the Fall! I hope to be stopping through your CITAY. Click on this poster (designed by mad genius Andrew Shearer) for a link to all the dates and where to buy tix or it didn’t happen.

DOS) My Netflix half-hour special as part of The Standups, Season 2 comes out this Tuesday, March 20th. TUNE IN OR TUNE ON!

Here is a trailer:

TRES) Thank you to everyone who has watched and written about and said nice or even just true things about Season One of Corporate on Comedy Central! The season finale was just this past Wednesday. But hey, wait. We got renewed for a second season (!!) AND you can still watch it here.



Hello, welcome to my redesigned, brand-spankin’ new website!

Incidentally, tonight, Wednesday, 1/17/18 is the premiere of Corporate on Comedy Central at 10/9c, a show created by my brilliant comedic genius friends Jake Weisman, Matt Ingebretson, and Pat Bishop. It is a dark satirical look at a soulless corporation and how the employees within it barely manage to keep their heathen heads above water. I play HR rep Grace Ramaswamy on it. Here is a nice blop from Vanity Fair about the show and my journey to being on it. More updates to come soon, and hopefully I will keep this space updated more regularly.
Thank you, among many other things, for being Internet users and salut,