P.E. Class Haunts My Daymares

Somehow my partner & I won a water balloon toss at a Memorial Day BBQ this afternoon—except before my head could inflate from the unexpected success, our dear, victorious aqua-baby exploded as it left my hand for the final throw (the globules usually burst when they are caught, and not the other way around).

Then, as it poured rain, I “played” kickball.

I was picked last when they picked teams. Intriguing how the feeling of being picked last never changes.

When you bring sports into social groups, all your hard work in the form of subtle banter is for naught. Unless you were blessed with hand-eye-mouth coordination (the mouth is for a perfectly-timed witticism after a well-executed catch/kick/run).

I do have a newly acquired bubble wand for my troubles though.

Fascinating really because bubbles are most definitely over-the-counter antidepressants for children and adults alike.

photo courtesy of Flickr and dawnzy58

photo courtesy of Flickr and JaDeCe

P.S. Now I have seen people playing kickball while smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer simultaneously. Check that off my list.