I Was Looking for Spiritual Peace, and I Found This Plastic Egg

Insofar as it actually took place, my Sunday eggs-cursion worked out. With the help of a friendly and talented hand, I sharpie-decorated and filled some brightly colored plastic eggs with candy and weird notes (i.e., “You are a wonderful friend. Even Oprah knows it.”) I then left them around DC willy-nilly…though it would be accurate to say I only covered a 3-block perimeter. I’m not sure if anyone actually picked up and opened any of these eggs. But that is my earnest hope. And the entire egg-cercise was worthwhile in the creative regard. No, unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the proceedings. It takes two hands to randomly hide eggs in plants and around statues while evading tourists’ lollygagging and cops’ eyes alike.

Easter Basketcase Bunny

Also, I can’t stop taking personality tests (INFJ) and reading self-help articles (Martha Beck-ommendations mostly). Someone tell me something I don’t know already! I’ve got mindfulness downpat. Well, I mean now I know what it is. Now I have to figure out how to master it. I’ll call you when I’ve beaten my highest Zen score, which is, in itself, a paradox.

I don’t need any guff about Oprah.com neither because desperate times call for desperate, teary Google searches. Anyway, I probably blasphemed enough just by expressing an O-pinion about her highness. That’s what Oprah calls them, O-pinions.

Meanwhile in the relationships arena, this is comforting non-news.

Losing Badly Is Like Winning a Free Humble Pie

this is great. i entered my office’s march madness pool because you can do it all on the internet now. it was an afterthought really. not going to pass up a free lotto ticket or whatever.

anyway, i just checked the standings today. i’m in last place! it’s a lot more awesome than ruling the ranks because there are already five people tied for first place, five people tied for second, and a whopping 11 people tied for third.

meanwhile, i am at the bottom! at the very bottom of everyone. tied with no one! losing heartily and mightily in a daring solo effort. i couldn’t be prouder. picking teams randomly is a chancy affair (no research efforts here) but i managed to do it stunningly badly.

number one loser!

don’t worry. i use a different methodology to vote for government.

also, a comedic colleague of mine told me yesterday he can’t stand watching basketball games because of the sound of the shoes squeaking on the floor. that’s his number one reason. and that is beautiful to me. also he said he sometimes reads my blog so! well he knows who he is! enjoy your new anonymous fame, sir. don’t spend it all in one covert location.

so i’m thinking of coloring some eggs tonight, and putting them in random public places as i go about my day on sunday. actually i might use plastic ones with messages inside for that extra oomph. people might freak out if they find random hardboiled eggs on the subway even if they have smiley-faces all over them. you know what they say. if you see something, say something. if you find something harmless and well-intentioned, dance!

sunny side up
photo courtesy of Flickr and jespahjoy (check out more of these cool eggs here!)