Everyone’s Wired These Days (And No, I Don’t Mean Bugged!)

Here’s my current Gchat list.

Mob connections, you say? Well, mostly Goodie Mob and Mobb Deep. And by connected, I mean, yeah, I’ve heard of ’em.

Good(ie) times.

P.S. I put yellow tape around the chair offal from yesterday so that the janitors know a crime scene when they see one. And it’s still here today, untouched. But of course, there’s plenty of red tape around here already! Zing!!!

(I’m just going to send around a high-five in an intraoffice envelope for that one! Just sign off on it once you get it, and pass it along.)

You Heard It Here First!

Yesterday on Fox News…

“And later, a jailhouse interview with DMX where he said he met the Devil.”

[Sample a morsel of it here.]

And just now…

“Whoever invented the stapler did a good job.” -My Mother

Tune in for further hard-hitting developments!!