Worth a Thousand Curse Words

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, you goobers!!!
(Courtesy of the office kitchen this morning.)

And, just for fun, here is an impromptu photo shoot that Boyfie and I conducted during the Bentzen Ball Saturday afternoon cupcake & champagne reception.

Bentzen Ball programs? Yes! Champagne? Yes! Cupcake? Yes! Diamonds? Yes! The only thing missing was a copy of that day’s newspaper.

Cupcakes are best in pairs.

Oh look, they’re kissing!

Nothing goes better with champagne than cascading diamonds.

Oh, who are we kidding, who even needs the champagne?!

Uh oh, diamond coma.

Getting Bent(zen) 2009-Style

So the Bentzen Ball was affirmatively one of the most incredible comedy events that I have ever witnessed, let alone in which I’ve participated. My brain is still coming down from the life high, and side effects include wandering mind, stars in eyes, and severe daydreaming.

I helped put together a wrap up post for the comedy site, the Apiary, over here.

Here are some highlights off the top of my head:

-Performing with all my local buddies (some who don’t even live here no more!) at the opening night HR-57 showcase. Plus Reggie Watts showed up and did a set. Uhhh-mazing.

-Hosting at the theater in the round (one side of the audience can see your butt!) on a show with people who are seriously my heroes, or just being at shows watching my heroes (not to be confused with Heroes, the TV show).

-Champagne and cupcake reception with little cups of fake diamonds here and there.

-Performing in the Bohemian Caverns, which are actually a set of caves. Plus there was a hip hop party gradually getting louder upstairs and a rap video being filmed outside.

-Visiting with wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and then performing for some surprised lunch eaters in a cafeteria shortly after.

-Being in the presence of nothing but comics and sincerious comedy fans for four days straight.

-The dancing I witnessed at an afterparty.

But also here are some nothin’ but ‘Net tidbits that do justice to it better than I could:

DCist Bentzen Ball Postest with the Mostest (I linked to my photo. How gauche.)

Morgan Murphy Photo Blog (I am in the corner of a photo if you put on your magnifying glasses!)

Brightest Young Things All-Access Photo Recap

Washington Post article on the Brightest Young Things

Twitter.com (search #bentzenball)

Laziness peaked!

Ball to the Wall

You guys should sinceriously come to this, if you’ll be around DC this weekend (starting tomorrow)!!!

http://www.bentzenball.com (brought to you by Brightest Young Things and Tig Notaro)

Line-up includes: Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Todd Barry, Tig Notaro, Jen Kirkman, Morgan Murphy, Jimmy Dore, ex(t)-citera.

There is more than enough to choose from, but, in case you are morbidly curious, my shows are:

Thursday, Oct. 22: 10PM, HR-57 (1610 14th St NW). A celebration of DC’s finest, with Rory Scovel, Hampton Yount, John McBride, Aparna Nancherla, Justin Schlegel, Bryson Turner, Courtney Fearrington, Justin Cousson, Vish Bhatt, Randolph T, Rob Maher, Seaton Smith.

Friday, Oct. 23: 10PM, The Studio Theatre – Milton Theatre (1501 14th St NW). Reggie Watts, Todd Barry, Jen Kirkman, Morgan Murphy, Matt Braunger, Seth Herzog, Duncan Trussell, Rory Scovel, Andy Wood, and Aparna Nancherla.

Saturday, Oct. 24: 11PM, Bohemian Caverns (2001 11th St NW). Natasha Leggero, Ian Edwards, Kyle Kinane, Stephanie Escajeda, Cynthia Levin, Jason Weems, Andy Kline, and Aparna Nancherla.

Here’s the full schedule (with an ongoing open mic at Ben’s Chili Bowl Thurs-Sat).

Tickets here.