No Joke

Happy April Fool’s Day & Census Day! Make every prank count!

My friend Hillary sent me the following photo today. It’s quite definitively the best photo I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, I thought I’ve seen before. But no, this is it. My eyes can pretty much retire and live a life of leisure from here on out. GOOGLY EYES and BREAKFAST FOODS. COME ON. JUST COME ON. It might as well be my birthday minus the self-reflective angst.

(via FFFOUND! quoted from Glass Horse Heart)

The Internet Just Keeps on Giving

I thought I was just watching a regular ol’ music video, no big deal. But there is always more to the web than you would presuppose.

Witness the beginning of this pretty non-technical song rendition (but I have included bold commentary on what this must’ve looked like to someone who is easily surprised):

At 00:07, we see a lens with a blurry focus on the lower halves of some torsos and legs.

At 00:08, we see the emerging of a…what is that, a baby head? An egg?!

At 00:09, the mysterious orb reveals itself as an adult head…on a body!!!

And as 00:10 almost approaches, we see it is none other than the lead singer himself! Who could have guessed it?!?!?!?!

If you think I was being melodramatic, check it out. The people CAN BARELY WRAP THEIR THEIR HEADS AROUND IT, and the song has hardly just begun!!!

In related news, this week just peaked.

For a Good Time…

…google image search baby owls, or owlets as they call them in the biz.

You’ll be the opposite of sorry.

Let me give you a taste of what you’re in for…

I’m using links to build up suspense, but if you’re lazy, then you’re outta luck!!!

I could also understand if some of these websites might be blocked for some people due to extreme, life-altering levels of weird cuteness. For that, and only that, I apologize.

We specialize in two looks. Surprised and not surprised.

Oh, look Tippy! Down below! There’s apparently life beyond this tree.

Don’t make my friend here hafta whack ya! He’s crazy. Ain’t that right, Bernie? Yer a wild card!!!

But, my good sir, I do believe I was the one who invented the pompadour!

Hello. Am I a beanpole?! No, I’m an owlet! Hoot hoot.

I’m all eyes for…well, everything.


Best for last. There are no words. (Addendum: Boyfie aptly titled this one “Goodfeathers,” which made me also think of “The Godfeather.”)

And because you guys deserve it (plus it’s Friday and I’m feeling wildly generous)…some instant gratification.

Unhand me, you mere mortal!
photo courtesy of Flickr and ajaunty1

He was the picture of refined classiness.
photo courtesy of Flickr and Eponabri

System of a Down(y Fluff).
photo courtesy of Flickr and chdwckvnstrsslhm

The carpet has eyes.
photo courtesy of Flickr and jurvetson

I’m wearing a helmet made out of my own feathers! What do you bring to the table?!
photo courtesy of Flickr and brendan.lally

Simple Pleasures

Uh, my friend Nick just keyed me in on one of the chief joys in life.

I got so wrapped up in Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, Zoosk, Orkut, LinkedIn, Goomba, ZoomInfo, and Friendster that I forgot what the Internet is really about.

The true meaning of surfing the web is looking up crazy names in the online WhitePages.

Otherwise, how am I supposed to know there is someone out there named Bozoda Clown?

In fact, there are so many Clowns listed that I feel like I’m busting a sting operation!

Right Bubulina? Right Cuddles? Right Razzberi T? Right Speghetti? Right Garbanzo T? Right Funzy? Right Jujubee? Right Loopy? Right Pickles T? Right Sarah?

Oh, you guys, this is just too good.

P.S. What do you think all the T’s stand for?!

P.P.S. In case you think this is about judgment, it’s not. Bozoda is the president and owner of a mattress company! I certainly can’t compete.

P.P.P.S. I also found a mortician named Don Furball but that is neither here nor there.

I was too irrationally scared to put a clown picture up, but here is a clown fish! Whimsical!
photo courtesy of Flickr and TheBusyBrain