FISTing Starts Here

Hey! It’s that time again! Washington Improv Theater is bringing the pain and the heat for its Annual Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (street name: FIST).

There’s quite a sexy load of competitors this year so check out the teams!

Including the one most nearest and dearest to my organ which most resembles a heart, BETTER HOUSEKEEPING. Our first match is Friday, March 6th @ 8pm. Tickets here. Part of our winnings depends on audience vote so, you know, no presh or anything.

We’re in it for all of the pie!

Also, my groups Jinx and Jackie will be performing for the next five Saturdays in tandem with all of the combat-ready warriors (click on ’em for schedule & ticket links).

All shows are $10 and at the Source Theater (1835 14th St NW, WDC).

Oh dearie me! (battle cry)