Spiritual Aging Process

What with the Benjamin Button movie out, everyone is focused on old-man baby likenesses right now, so I thought I should do my part and do some personal research.

And I didn’t go quite far enough but I did find some evidence of premature existential aging.

I was a brooder even back then!

Zoom in for the full pout of melancholicky discontent! Look at those quivery ‘brows!

Also in unrelated news, snowmen are perhaps hard to manufacture, but one would think they wouldn’t come out looking saggy, right? I saw these in a mall display the other day. Way to distort nature’s beauty, people, though they still are adorable.

Then again, who am I to judge? I kind-of-accidentally-but-pretty-much-on-purpose washed a dry-clean-only fancy gray sweater and now the sleeves are as long as my body!!! It’s terrifying but also secretly quite, quite awesome. I feel like an elephant shedding my skin when I wear it, which is to say, right now.