For a Good Time…

…google image search baby owls, or owlets as they call them in the biz.

You’ll be the opposite of sorry.

Let me give you a taste of what you’re in for…

I’m using links to build up suspense, but if you’re lazy, then you’re outta luck!!!

I could also understand if some of these websites might be blocked for some people due to extreme, life-altering levels of weird cuteness. For that, and only that, I apologize.

We specialize in two looks. Surprised and not surprised.

Oh, look Tippy! Down below! There’s apparently life beyond this tree.

Don’t make my friend here hafta whack ya! He’s crazy. Ain’t that right, Bernie? Yer a wild card!!!

But, my good sir, I do believe I was the one who invented the pompadour!

Hello. Am I a beanpole?! No, I’m an owlet! Hoot hoot.

I’m all eyes for…well, everything.


Best for last. There are no words. (Addendum: Boyfie aptly titled this one “Goodfeathers,” which made me also think of “The Godfeather.”)

And because you guys deserve it (plus it’s Friday and I’m feeling wildly generous)…some instant gratification.

Unhand me, you mere mortal!
photo courtesy of Flickr and ajaunty1

He was the picture of refined classiness.
photo courtesy of Flickr and Eponabri

System of a Down(y Fluff).
photo courtesy of Flickr and chdwckvnstrsslhm

The carpet has eyes.
photo courtesy of Flickr and jurvetson

I’m wearing a helmet made out of my own feathers! What do you bring to the table?!
photo courtesy of Flickr and brendan.lally

Mouth Agape, Heart Puddling

I have discovered something unbelievably wonderful, and it goes by the name of AGAPE BEARS.


And also may I add WHAT.

If the names don’t get you, those classic bewildered expressions and rumpled bodies will!

Let me introduce you to some of my new friends.

Douglas here! Bright-eyed companion for all jaunts and jollies.

Meet Walking Squawking Quackles. He waddles to the tune of “Camptown Races” and squawks when picked up by the neck!

Look who just rolled on through… it’s Tumbleweed Bunny.

Or try Bunny Bear on for size. Is she a bunny? Is she a bear? How amazing is the egg’s face? Oh wait, it gets better. The bear’s head moves as the egg sings “Everybunny Loves Somebunny.”

Oh my! It’s a Webber Purse! For all your adorable storage needs.

Had enough yet?! I haven’t! Giant ears always soften up stone hearts. Rockin’ Reynold’s ears flap as he sings “Rockin’ Bunny.”

Woolten Black Lamb!!! You are one of a kind!

Need a new main squeeze? Try Baa Ba!

Also meet Baa Ba’s friend, Eggdrop!

Lastly, I bring to your attention the Heart Tuggers series. Gaze upon the sad-eyed bunny!

Now the sad-eyed frog!

(And scene.)

All photos and heart-warming courtesy of Agape Bears.

I Share These Videos Because I Care Deeply

I can’t even talk about this video! If I did, well, no, no hypotheticals. It’s. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m done. Stick a cable in the Internet because it’s done too. Darn it. It’s all downhill from this video. Basically.

I also consider this multimedia a telling reenactment of the current world situation.

Putting on Hairs

I got a haircut this morning.

Stylist: Do you mind if I do something a little different?

Me: What do you mean, “different”?

Stylist: Just with the layers.

Me: Oh, sure!

Stylist: Yeah, nothing too crazy.

Now just as he said ‘crazy,’ he does this magnificient scissor slice cut, and a bunch of freshly shorn hair lands thwack on the mirror as well as spilling out in three other but equally exciting directions.

The whole thing reminded me of that classic bow-and-arrow gag wherein the nonchalant archer says “hold steady” and then thwing! The arrow lands right next to the naive target’s neck, and then promptly splits down the middle (I’m talking old-school wooden arrows, son).

Gallery of New Hair Shape

psychotic doll

hair hat/bonnet!

(h)aerial view

i call this one ‘the queen’

The marriage of cute + sleepies, and not a moment too soon! Grateful giggles to Kerry for the tip-off.