Rubber Ducking, You’re the One

so tuesday night and yesterday, i was down-and-out at a 24/7 blues brothers concert (as sisqo would croon, “She was in the dumps like a truck truck truck/Sighs like what what what/Baby move your butt butt butt/Uh.” i tried all the usual methods of self-medicating: lots of imaginary backrubs, feeling over-sorry for myself, baby bunny photos, putting the ‘tude in solitude, emotherapy, and staring through my computer screen instead of at it, lost to the world.

as soon as i started to feel a little better, something would inevitably spiral me back into navel hazing (like navel gazing but with a meaner brain).

i did happen across (verb phrase that deserves more usage) an email my friend nadia sent me a few days ago. it’s about a creative problem-solving tool known as rubber ducking. it employs a method wherein you have someone listen to a problem of yours, and instead of answering or advising you in anyway, they just sit and nod and listen like a rubber duck until the answer comes to you independent of them.

more rubber ducks = more understanding? uh huh uh huh uh huh
photo courtesy of Flickr and Gaetan Lee

the idea was intriguing to me. i tried it a little bit in that i talked to a coupla different people, and did most of the talking for once…it wasn’t quite rubber ducking because i received some feedback, but the act of talking a lot and connecting with others but also just hearing myself with someone else present did induce some of my own discoveries. and i woke up today feeling rejuvenated. so you heard it here last. talking to people helps! i’m always quick on the important revelations.

this captures my newly content state (thank you justin for the photo):

More info on Pancake Rabbit here.

it’s amazing how people will generously offer up solidarity charity if you let them know you’re feeling alone. and it always helps most when you feel like it will help least. for more cliched and unexciting discoveries, tune in about one to three times a month.

in fake news, another victory for the onion.