Get Right to It, Why Not?

(Spelling and spacing kept intact for, let’s be honest, effect.)

From: Mom
To: Me

When: 1:49 A.M.*

Subject: hello frrom overseas


Hi aploo,
I tried to get to your facebook but it did not let me. Can you add [your cousin] aand I as your friends. Would you also send me a picture of [boyfie] please?
[Your aunt] was interested in your choice of peoples
see you soon
love mom

*Time difference. Let it go!

Couple thoughts:

1) My mother isn’t actually on Facebook, but why would I let a silly thing like that stop me from friending her?! Figure it out! Have it on my desk by five minutes ago. (Blood is thicker than logic.)

2) “your choice of peoples” (As the frattie-frattie-boom-a-latties say, NICE.)