Everyone’s Wired These Days (And No, I Don’t Mean Bugged!)

Here’s my current Gchat list.

Mob connections, you say? Well, mostly Goodie Mob and Mobb Deep. And by connected, I mean, yeah, I’ve heard of ’em.

Good(ie) times.

P.S. I put yellow tape around the chair offal from yesterday so that the janitors know a crime scene when they see one. And it’s still here today, untouched. But of course, there’s plenty of red tape around here already! Zing!!!

(I’m just going to send around a high-five in an intraoffice envelope for that one! Just sign off on it once you get it, and pass it along.)

Ain’t No Party Like the Communist Party…

…’cause the Communist Party don’t play. ~Stalio

I was a Re-education Supervisor at my improv theater’s “revolution-themed” fundraiser this past weekend.

photo courtesy: Dan O’Neil & Sarah Evans

Boyfie owns a Russian parade hat [red feather puff detachable]! Useful indeed for many an occasion.

I was arrested and sent to the gulag at one point where I had to create party propaganda in order to negotiate a release. I may have sold out some comrades in the process. 🙁 🙁 ;(

(That’s right. Winking frown. It’s about time that emoticon showed up on the circuit. Mixed messages? Check. Passive-aggressive? Checkmate. I love/hate it.)

As you were.