Plug It In, Plug It Up, Just Plug It

My Inauguration Day involved the nicest hosts, a fuzzy dog who loves to cuddle, and fresh waffles. So yeaaah, I had trouble getting myself down to the Mall. I benched myself from history but I have no regrets.

The oath flub being volleyed back and forth was my favorite part of the whole shebang, but then my friend Hillary showed me clips of Sasha and Malia AND Michelle getting down to the Jo-Bros in RFK stadium from the night before, and that easily became the new highlight.

At some point during the day in DC, I saw this guy busting up a phone booth by bashing the phone at the button panel. That’s not how you call-collect, sir. But I’m glad you’re celebrating without fear of repercussions.

Onto marketing matters…there is this set of two weirdly awesome shows this weekend. They’re going to be bizarrely, fantastically indescribable.

Please let me know if you would like to attend by submitting a blog comment stating as much (SO EASY). Then I will respond to you disturbingly fast. The improv show is just about sold out, but stand up could still use a few good ears.

Also, I am in this recently debuted episode of a wonderful web series called SEND MORE MONEY, courtesy of everyone’s favorite elitists, The Country Club (directed and edited by Ben Martin; with more editing by Dave Ciaccio). Be nice and vote if you gots the time and the hankering.
[funnyordie id=14a2f50aba width=320 height=240]

PFT, U, & ME

Hi fellow friends and friendly fellows,

I just wanted to let you all know that I somehow ate enough Lucky Charms collectively over my life that I am straight up pooping good fortune, at this point.

On that scatological note (though there’s nothing logical about it beep bappa doo bap), I will be featuring for Paul F. Tompkins this weekend, Friday and Saturday nights at the Montgomery Drafthouse (just opened in Silver Spring, Murryland!) and Arlington Drafthouse, respectively…9:45pm BOTH NIGHTS.

I feel like a teddy bear possessing a not-so-subtle birthmark…fated!

Tickets and info…

HERE for Friday and HERE for Saturday.

This man is a genius, and I would highly recommend that you come out and see him, and then if you happen to see me while you’re already there, you can wave HI!!! And I will wave hi back. If I don’t see you the first time, wave harder! It works. Trust me.

Seriously, I’m pretty excited so I thought I should tell you guys about it. Also, here is some multimedia.

Paul F. Tompkins clips:

You guys are cool.

Malcolm XOXO,

P.S. For other blogs, new NBC one is oop & at ’em!