Putting on Hairs

I got a haircut this morning.

Stylist: Do you mind if I do something a little different?

Me: What do you mean, “different”?

Stylist: Just with the layers.

Me: Oh, sure!

Stylist: Yeah, nothing too crazy.

Now just as he said ‘crazy,’ he does this magnificient scissor slice cut, and a bunch of freshly shorn hair lands thwack on the mirror as well as spilling out in three other but equally exciting directions.

The whole thing reminded me of that classic bow-and-arrow gag wherein the nonchalant archer says “hold steady” and then thwing! The arrow lands right next to the naive target’s neck, and then promptly splits down the middle (I’m talking old-school wooden arrows, son).

Gallery of New Hair Shape

psychotic doll

hair hat/bonnet!

(h)aerial view

i call this one ‘the queen’

The marriage of cute + sleepies, and not a moment too soon! Grateful giggles to Kerry for the tip-off.

Hair Today, Salon Tomorrow!

so i am in severe sleep deprivation mode. how tired? well my eyelids feel cuddly right now. my eyes want to spoon with my eyelids, but my boss is the chaperone at the awkward middle school work dance so ain’t no funny business allowed. but alas, how tired i yam! also a spider just crawled past my keyboard and i just said hello. he was busy though so he didn’t return the greeting. i felt hurt. i also attribute this to sleep dep.

this weekend was a lot of road comedy…driving past farms and seeing sunsets that looked like the sky was cracking down the middle, stuck in torrential downpours, chugging past towns with names like Doswell and Triangle…sometimes i felt like with each mile i got farther from home base, i lost people’s comprehension of another 5 cultural references in my material. luckily, i’m narrowminded and ignorant, and i was wrong.

apocalypse teaser:

oooh. also i got my hair cut on saturday morning and my hair stylist is the coolest guy on the planet. he’s a golfer and a hair stylist. i’m already 100% in favor of the combination. not that i golf, but i do mini-golf. other bonus points — 1) he knows how to do hair. 1) he remembered me. 1.5) granted, he only remembered me because i do stand up but still. 2) he taught me about hair splinters. apparently hair dressers can get splinters from hair. it’s an occupational hazard. they’re apparently really painful and hard to get out. man. i’m glad you can’t get mono from sharing the mouse on your computer. or herpes from working off a shared server. or dust splinters from the water cooler. OR CAN YOU!?!

oh also i went mini golfing after my haircut. it was pretty much the cat’s onesie, which is an infinite number of levels above the cat’s pajamas. i like how they put 2000 flushes in the water on mini golf courses. it adds to the ambiance.

the easy way to excel at mini golf/life:

here is the pretty unadventurous haircut (i always ask for layers — that’s my best attempt at ‘going wild’ at the salon).

i look scared here because i was so tired that when i looked in the mirror i forgot i had gotten a haircut and i freaked out that i had some unexplained hair loss:

but then i smiled again because i realized it was stylish hair loss. also, i have a lazy left eyelid. i know it. it’s because of my sleep tendencies…one eye is always ready to hit the hay. it’s the bedroom eye. preferable to the evil eye i’ve been told…

this was where i stopped and smelled the roses on the way back from lunch. call me romantic. or just call me. kthx.