Improv, Shmimprov, Second City, Schmecond…Wait, WHAT?!

Here is a linkadoo to an interview I recently did with Second City Touring Company member and performer extraordinaire, Brook Bagnall.

Fair Warning: This interview might make you crave some improv. OH GOOD I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU. YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. (I implore you to stop reading if you aren’t local to the Nation’s Capital. Sorry for the vicynicism.)

Come to THIS SHOW (FRI @ 9:30pm) or THIS SHOW (SAT @ 11pm) where I am performing this weekend. I also will be performing there other weekends, but this one feels more important than those other distant poser weekends. They are so far off, they shouldn’t even count as weekends. Just like Pluto got disowned as a planet, they will follow suit as weekends.

Please attend because these shows are funny and you will laugh your pants off, and no one will even mind. If you aren’t wearing pants, your make-believe pants will fall off, which is just as memorable and twice as sexy.

I can also promise you some candy.

Farewell belch!

Also, here is a burrito and puppy in quick succession as requested, you insatiable monsters of multimedia content!!!

photo courtesy of Flickr and sweetonveg
photo courtesy of Flickr and wsilver