Phoning It In

blast it all to (oh) hell-o. this might not seem like an issue to any of you, but i just got hung up on during a phonecall made for work-related purposes, and it is the last krazy straw that broke the camel’s humpback!

i was just trying to make a routine, simple inquiry about something i need to do a write-up on by tomorrow, and halfway through my question, the man just straight up pointed and cocked his bad attitude, clicked his trigger finger and straight up closed the tenuous monday afternoon telecommunication portal between our two universal beings.

now, normally my overactive bladder of an imagination would say, HEY best/worst case (depending on whether you’re a sadist or a realist) scenario – this guy just got involved in some kind of accident involving heavy machinery or heavy emotional angst at his workspace, and i just happened to be a victim of bad timing.

and don’t even try telling me the line got cut! he has my number. he was fully capable of calling me back, as he was the one who called me back in the first place!

BUT NO. the truth is, using my seventh sense (insanity), i realized he just hung up on me because he didn’t feel like answering my question.

well, you know what?

that’s just great.

that’s just funtastic.

excuse my snarkasm, but i am honest-to-blawg (yer welcome, juno) breaking out into hives as i process this latest social injustice.

unfortunately, my number one new year’s resolution was to stop prankcalling humanity with existential queries of desperation so i just decided to go to my happy place PRONTO STAT using the phony express.

don’t go chasin’ waterfalls because you might just realize they’re as good as it gets
photo courtasty of Flickr and joka2000

also this vital broken news.