Spammers of the Sea

I got this email from today.

Subject: Shark Week


Dear MoveOn member,

As you may know, it’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel. And while these ruthless predators attack a few unlucky surfers and scuba divers each year, most Americans don’t need to worry about them.

But there’s another ruthless predator out there killing Americans that needs to be stopped.

Check out this brand new video and then share it with your friends, because to combat this growing menace, we’re going to need a bigger boat.

Thanks for all you do,

[The Team, but actually names to create the impression of intimacy]

Guess who the real sharks are? No, really, just guess. No, guess again. Ok, one more time. Alright, fine. HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!

I definitely appreciate the creative gimmick, but hahahaha, I can’t stop laughing. Not even to forward it to all my friends and spread the word. Not even, haahahahahahahahahahaaha.

Ok, maybe I sent it to a couple friends, but not for the right reasons.

I dare you to watch the video. I double dog(fish) dare you.

Um, but in case you think I’m a bad person (partially true), still gets the last laugh because I’m on their mailing list twice, which is pretty much the exact opposite of progress and the American Dream.