Smiles to Go Before I Weep

photo courtesy of Flickr and cygnus921

Today I am feeling fatefully grateful. Warm feeling in tummy and arms outstretched and ready to hug things. I had a wonderful weekend at the stand up portion of the 2010 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Carrboro. The audiences were extremely welcoming, and the other comics were so nice, and there were reunions with old friends and meetings with new friends from all kinds of cities plus lots of easily accessible tasty treats like grocery store sushi, unexpected omelets, and hotel bedside chocolates! I was lucky enough to get to work with Eddie Brill, the booker for Letterman, who is very nice in person, as well as veteran comics John Betz Jr. and Mike MacRae. So I was pretty much walking on clouds with star goggles for most of the time.

In case you think my head has become too fluffy from all that marshmallowy goodness, it was only fitting that my first show back in D.C. was a too-cozy-to-be-trusted Valentine’s Day crowd that bored burning apathy holes into my eyes and skin proportionate to how much they did not care for my act. Joke’s on them though because that made the weekend seem that much sweeter by comparison.

I am going back there this weekend for the improv portion. Hup hoop. Somebody pinch me, I must be road trippin’.

That Reminds Me, I Need to Book More Whirligigs

Before we get down to business, here’s an excellent link for wide grins.

So this past weekend I was in and around Carrboro, North Carolina again, but this time for improv hijinks with my groups, Jinx and Jackie.

Jackie only had four people able to attend the show out of our team of seven. Look at our new family photo, recently taken! (Courtesy of Steve Swaney, Colin Murchie, and Franklin Pig.)

Here are some North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival photos from the Jackie show below courtesy of Kevin Thom.

We were buying people over the Internet in this scene…
Accusation! Point of order!
Oh gawsh, will this show never end?!
In which I am a monkey…
Still a monkey!
It was all a very good time indeed despite a few stage hiccups on my part.

Most importantly, I got to try blueberry beer! In case you were wondering, it smells like a muffin and but tastes like a beer.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, I also attended the 7th Annual Fearrington Folk Art Show, which is a town proximate to Carrboro via tram, auto, or hayride.

There were zany cars…
Including Miz Thang‘s whimsical ride…
Fearrington’s animal is the (happy) cow!
A chair made out of wrenches. How handy for sitting and fixing things!
I love robots! This one is tall, shiny, and handsome.
And doodly critters! Friendly little guy.
And another robot wearing a turbine, the prototype for a turban (*groan*).
No folk art fair is complete without the quintessential bottle tree!
Take that, corporate America! Get with the folkin’ program.