Wednesday, This Is Low, Even For You

**I just walked into the office kitchen to wash some dishes and clear my head, and was greeted by the following (in bulk):

  • a container of Ferrer-Rochers,
  • a box of chocolate mint cookies (w/three unopened packs), and
  • a package of After Eight mints,
  • which is perfect because I needed a huge sugar intake to help me sit down and do my work.

    Proof negative

    **I am dressed like an elementary school art teacher today. One who says things like, “Believe in your dreams because they believe in you” and “Actually, it is a smock. I am just wearing it as a dress.” You would think motivation would come easy to me, after an inherent sense of well-being, but no! None of it! I wish my job involved more pipecleaners and paper-plate masks.

    **I just did 10 jumping jacks in my office with the door closed to start a personal mind revolution.

    Mid-jack (check out my multicolored dream scarf)

    **My pants look like afterthoughts today. They are barely serving their proper function, which is to add professionalism and order to one’s outfit.

    Cuff stuff

    As you can surely tell, I’m the very idea of put-together and serene today. And scene.