Is Passive-Aggressive Reverse Psychology Considered a Natural Remedy?

NO, for the last time, Bodylicious, I liked what you pulled last night. When I dragged myself to an open mic after work even though my brain bucket was full of snot and toxins, I was hoping I would fall asleep in the parking lot, proceed to not wake up in a timely fashion, and then eventually rouse myself enough to wander fogheadedly into said open mic spouting gibberish-laced questions to a few innocent bystanders, and a few minutes later, eventually make my way back out to the car.

I thought that was “cute”.

Not Actually That Clever But It Happened and I’m Documenting It

some people type and send “unsubscribe” when a mass email goes out of control with the reply-all function. NOT VERY SUBTLE but funny + it gets the point across.

i prefer the more catty:

“The Reply-all function was invented by a man named Tanksfore Cherin in seventeen seventynever.

crucial information i felt you all needed to know.”

who puts the passive in aggressive?!

no really it’s fine. *eye roll*