In Fame We Trust

slightly overdue, mostly undercooked:

i like how every industry has its own celebrities. but there are two kinds of celebrities. the “i wanna be you” kind and “sucks to be you” kind. of course you can easily shift between the two groups. guess which way the current usually flows. no, don’t actually! it’s a cliche and an e: true hollywood sob story wrapped into one complicated burrito.

my point is even the plumbing industry has a cate blanchett and an andy dick. just because their profession doesn’t involve the silver screen but rather a swift plunging action, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for glamor, glitz and scandal.

so the cate blanchett of plumbing is very well respected among the community; uniform’s always effortlessly put together (plumber’s crack? not even aware what the term means…was schooled abroad!); gives away lunch to street children regularly; is not afraid to get hands dirty (literally) and do even the most lowbrow of jobs; happily married to slightly less-successful plumber husband; featured regularly on the cover of plumbing magazine, etc. etc.

meanwhile, the andy dick of the plumbing world is, well, kind of a dick, so no one feels bad about talking smack about him. he models the plumber’s crack like it’s part of his outfits; his mouth would make sailors blush; in fact, some of the things he says makes people wonder whether his brain wasn’t accidentally suctioned out of his body once in some kind of a freak plumbing mishap; he dates street children; he gambles with charity money; he has three estranged ex-wives; and he is possibly pro-child labor; so you know, he’s a bad guy.

mostly i brought up this whole idea because i’m thrilled that even the accounting industry has its heartthrobs.

that’s it.

thanks for checking in.

finally, i saw this sign while walking to work. FREE AURA? that’s awesome.

it was later clarified. but for awhile there, rocking the ambiguity!