FYI diplomats, foreign embarrassadors, and Perez Hiltons of the Dorna Star in Galaxy 5B, all my secrets are now available in The Washington Post via profile piece.

Here you go!

Sorry, WikiLeaks, I felt like going the classic route with my bean spilling.

In case you’re wondering, no stuffed animals were harmed in the making of the photos. In fact, the camera used was sensitive to light, but also feelings.

Spoiler alert: I live at the end.

This Isn’t Your Mom’s Go-To Magazine! Oh Wait, It Is.

Hey, so a discreet, military-trained stealth group of little birds told me that I’m on page 95 in the September issue of Reader’s Digest, along with hilarious com(edi)padres John Ramsey and Kellen Erskine.

Hooray! And you thought it was just my slice of life anecdote about Americana. Well, it actually is if you zoom in.

Coming soon to a waiting room near you…

Photo courtesy of John Ramsey, Facebook, and Reader’s Digest.

My Relationship with Express Newspaper Is Not Complicated. It Completes Me.

Well, this is freaking flattering, to say the least!! And no, I’m not being snarkastic. I got quoted in the Washington Post Express newspaper’s “Blog Log” section today.

I tried to look up how other bloggers responded to being featured in Blog Log. And mostly, it’s a bunch of earnest, well-deserved gushing, smooshing, and winking. So I will follow suit. Also, my entry happens to be displayed next to a photo of Daddy Yankee and John McCain. Well, I guess I need a new life goal…hrmm…

Here is the print version below…
Bottom right (clicky to get biggie with it na na na na na nuh nuh)
Courtesy of Express newspaper.