Feelings and Words, Not Necessarily in That Order

My mom made me throw some of my old troll dolls in the trash yesterday. Now who’s the monster!?! I am. Anyway, I am still feeling pretty guilty from that. I hope those poor giblets realize I never stopped believing in them, but for the fact that their hair was getting untenable.

Also I don’t think it counts as emotional eating if your food has no expression on its face and neither do you when you eat it, right? Yeah, let’s go with that for all future guilt assessments.

I only like to eat chocolate if it’s shaped like a remorseless face, emphasis on morsel.

Sometimes I can’t stop watching the Bravo TV channel and reading recaps of shows on there (TV recapping has become a most glorious and oft-tested profession in the entertainment biz). Not because it’s necessarily enlightening programming, but because it’s so over-the-top dramatic.** (smelly footnote)

Some of it is not so relatable:

“Is bye a threat? Like bye-eee?”-Danielle Staub from Real Housewives of New Jersey

Other times, entirely relatable:

“I am not responsible for your experience of my art.”-Nao from Work of Art

I also realized recently just how much I love Tom Robbins. He is an author that makes language shimmy so that all of his words are like whirling dervishes on the playground at recess. And he’s a notoriously private person, which I immensely respect.

Here is a great quote from him from the book I am reading right now, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: “Success can eliminate as many options as failure.”

This has been all over the place, just like life.

**And ostentatious drama actually makes me quite uncomfortable, not riled up and amused, but that’s why I find it so fascinating. I am like a robot studying yoo-man beings. It’s also why I have trouble with acting because I don’t emote as freely as most of you normals. So regular expression of my psyche feels like a caricature of what I’m supposed to be doing anyway. So when I’m actually faking it, I feel like I’m double acting. Cyborgs unite! We will master this species yet.

Absence Makes the Heart Go Wander

I found this passage that I first read more than 4 years ago from one of my favorite books that Alice once told me she loved as well, though she didn’t quite get through all of it because the library needed it back. Oh, Alice. I think you would be surprised how often something reminds me of you.

“La ausencia tenía efectos indelebles. Los rostros se desdibujaban en la borrosa sustancia de los recuerdos. A veces se preguntaba si aquellas personas habrían existido realmente. La nostalgia lograba cubrirlos de ropajes míticos y extraños. El tiempo tramposo ocultaba tras su neblina el pasado, lo rendía inexistente, lo asociaba en la mente a la imaginación o los sueños. El espacio que en una época ocupara {ellos}, se llenaba de otras imágenes, otras vivencias. Dejaban de compartir lo cotidiano, la materia prima de la vida. Era una pérdida, un hueco, un agujero negro tragándose la estrella {de ellos}, un mecanismo oscuro de la mente buscando proteger el corazón siempre fiel al dolor de la ausencia.”

~La mujer habitada por Gioconda Belli

[English translation:]

“Absence has indelible effects. The faces undraw themselves in the fuzzy substance of memories. At times one asks oneself if those people had really existed. Nostalgia succeeds in covering them in mythical and strange clothing. Crooked time hides the past through a mist, rendering it inexistent, associating it in the mind with the imagination or dreams. The space that at one time occupied {them}, fills itself with other images, other lifetimes. It stops sharing the daily, the prime material of life. It is a loss, a hollow, a black hole swallowing the{ir} star, a dark mechanism of the mind searching to protect the always loyal heart from the pain of their absence.”

~The Dwelling Woman By Gioconda Belli

My Relationship with Express Newspaper Is Not Complicated. It Completes Me.

Well, this is freaking flattering, to say the least!! And no, I’m not being snarkastic. I got quoted in the Washington Post Express newspaper’s “Blog Log” section today.

I tried to look up how other bloggers responded to being featured in Blog Log. And mostly, it’s a bunch of earnest, well-deserved gushing, smooshing, and winking. So I will follow suit. Also, my entry happens to be displayed next to a photo of Daddy Yankee and John McCain. Well, I guess I need a new life goal…hrmm…

Here is the print version below…
Bottom right (clicky to get biggie with it na na na na na nuh nuh)
Courtesy of Express newspaper.