No Tofurkeys Were Harmed in the Writing of This Blog

i hope everyone had a good time in the past few days for no reason in particular.

here are some notes from my last few days.

i made nut balls. they were palatable only when bathed in carrot soup. go figure. some things are best served incognito.

i, with a notoriety among friends for picking the worst movies and dvd collections to watch in good company, went overboard and picked up 10 rushed selections last wednesday. so far, they’ve all been hits. seriously. i’ve gotten so good, i almost bore myself if that were possible. if you get a chance, watch i heart huckabees but only if you get in head quandaries sometimes. that would leave out maybe .2% of the population, plus or minus point-one.

lastly, i made a tiny investment in the funny business. then it received a photo shoot of immeasurable gratitude.

oh hello tiny dancer

seduce me with your siren song

you’re a bird after my own heart

let’s wakka wakka together into the sunset

on tip from kerry, this link presents rap represented in mathematical charts and graphs. caution: some surrious breakin on down of explicit lyrics.