Wii All Love Karaoke, Don’t Wii?

I hope and trust that everybody had a good New Year’s Eve and Day consisting of parties and/or staying in, plus ball drop (titter, but seriously, poor Dick Clark. What did he ever do to anybody?!).

I went to not one, but two New Year’s parties. I don’t say this to act popular, but merely to emphasize the fact of the phenomenon I witnessed at two different engagements. Furthermore, I cross-corroborated my findings with a friend this morning, and she said she also experienced this very same form of hoopla.

What is this social burden of which I do not type?

Why, karaoke-inspired video games, to be sure! Specifically Rock Band, American Idol, Guitar Hero, and any other sort of ilk that makes people who don’t know you want to not know you even more, or if they do know you, they then proceed to regret it severely.

I am even sorrier to say that instead of participating in any singing activities or drumming on plastic plates (fascinating), I instead hoarded cheese and provided extremely muted back up vocals to all the games at hand, whether there was singing involved or not.

photo courtesy of Flickr and justephens
Hate mingling at parties? Try singing emotionally in front of total strangers and/or playing an instrument you have never mastered! Throw in some dance moves you are unqualified to do, and you’re golden!!

People really get into that singing though. There was twirling and whirling; patting one’s hip to keep rhythm; holding one’s ear closed to get pitch; and some real sassy hats (onscreen only). Needless to say, I was very much out of my league. Especially when Simon, Paula, and Randy would start judging with their vacant, vapid, CG-eyes. No, thank you! I don’t need my self-esteem battered further by a computer program.

To make matters far worse, my showing in Taboo was a hot mess. Emphasis on pathetic. Throw in a bit of flustered eyerolls and throwing up hands in disgusted air. I almost left the party at that point, tongue in cheek.

Here’s a resolution for 2010, for whatever it’s worth (on EBay). Improve my skills at party games.

I did win a round of Bingo, with mild cheating. Spicy!

Self-Helpless? Try a Sugar-Fix!

The more self-help I read, the more I’m learning to not be afraid of negative feelings, but to just embrace them.


But what does that mean?

I mean when I’m sad for no (apparent) reason, and it happens from time to time (oh does it happen!), I just sit in it, in a kiddie pool of self-pity, slapping pats of mud on myself. That’s really pretty much as embracing as one can get.

Sure, bookstore. Lump a science together with a yuppie trend, why not?
photo courtesy of Flickr and victoriapeckham

I’m not sure it helps though! People keep talking about some miraculous sense of freedom from embracing their sadness and anger. In fact, it sounds so liberating and mysteriously fulfilling that it almost seems like they’re…peacefully happy? Full circle, folks! Those hippies have done it again. And I mean that in a nice, enlightened way.


There is an o-my-gawd. (Via Cupcake Takes the Cake)

Read it and weep for joy. But seriously, I love that this article was posted in the Health & Life section. I can think of no better way to bring HEALTH to your LIFE than by consuming a tiny vat full of the love child of butter and sugar. NO BETTER WAY.

Holy sugar-high, Dark Knight!

Surprisingly, it took me a real time to find a good frosting picture. I kept getting icy windowpanes, and that junx would just not do.

Oh, I see. You’re perfect.
photo courtesy of Flickr and jslander

But Flickr always comes through when your peepers crave colors, shapes, and textures with just a glimmer of reality.

Cheesy Cattiness

Oh me oh my. The day is escaping me without a post. Well, I think I will wax briefly about body image. I have a hard time not being jealous of my more genetically-blessed female peers. In fact, often I will stare without hesitation at those who I find most pleasing on the eye. But I will leer half out of appreciation and half out of outright jealousy. In no small measure do I consider jealousy a useless state of being. However, despite my feelings, I do engage in it more than I would like. Not that I should overlook the strengths that I myself possess, but after years of pinching and scrunching my face in the mirror in dislike, I have a hard time realizing that my strengths are ever worthy of anyone’s attention. Yet, I do not even mind not being of supermodel status. The perils of celebrity and flawlessness come with their own bag of ills. Still, more often than not, once I rationalize myself out of heroine-worship of yet another goddess creature, another pops up in her place. The world is, to my dismay, seemingly in no short supply of striking women. But then again, they all have to duke it out on their own level. I will eat my cheetos and enjoy the show.
photo courtesy of Cogeco Cable