Art Does a Better Impression of Life Than Life Itself. Ever Think About That? Huh? Never Mind. It’s Friday. Enjoy Your Weekends, Everybody!

so my moods have been going a lottle crazy lately.

i think

wednesday morning i was officially giddy.

wednesday evening i was punching holes in mattresses.

thursday morning i was cautiously optimistic.

thursday evening i was a tempered form of extremely content.

today my mood can best be described as twirling. literally i need to lie down. i have generated that much excitement for myself today.

it’s weird how the highs don’t at all prepare you for the lows. and the lows meanwhile can undo any and all virtue bestowed by the middles. meanwhile the middles refuse to acknowledge that there are ever highs or lows. one dysfunctional mood family. but somehow they all get along.

in backpage news, i changed my car headlight! real-world validation! it doesn’t sound that exciting, but if you were there, and saw the struggle, you would wave your own adulthood flag in solidarity. maybe blow a tiny party horn in my honor. if you’re into things like that.

this weekend promises nothing short in the way of adventures. lots of room for failure, but i prefer it that way.

anyway, without further delay, in honor of the lows, here is an emo photo gallery of the week.

there is nothing sadder than a single glove lying on the street.

oh wait. i forgot the dog waiting for its owners. that is about as sad.

let’s lighten things up with me trying to eat an apple with sore teeth.

the pain is real.