photo courtesy of Washington Improv Theater

Hello! Today marks the start of Washington Improv Theater’s 2010 FIGHTING IMPROV SMACKDOWN TOURNAMENT, affectionately known on the street as FIST.

This year, 44 teams comprising 132 improvisers in total will be competing for a chance at the glory that is the title of FIST 2010 champion.

You are loudly inquiring with your eyes and eyebrow spasms, “How is Aparna involved and why do I care?

As it so happens, well-meaning but impatient reader, I am co-commissioning the tournament this year with my esteemed cohort, Kat Davis. Read more about us here.

Anyhoodeehoo, that means I will be at pretty much every match telling you things and smiling and spinning the wheel of Fate like a host on an ancient Greek game show. So come to one, two, or a thousand shows. Here is the schedule!

Also, please check out my troupes Jinx and Jackie, who will be performing for the next six weekends as well. Keep your pants on, please. I KNOW it’s great news!

In funclusion, here is a picture of my dad who was wearing my FIST 2009 t-shirt this morning for no apparent reason except the looneyverse told him to do it in support. Also yes, we share clothes. I hope that doesn’t put you off.