Imploding Stress Hiccup Leads to Adorably Tiny Supernova

Cutest supernovahhhh EVAHHHHHH
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Sometimes I feel like everybody is caught up in the mundane intensity of life and I am the person in the movie going “DON’T YOU SEE THE ROCKET IS GONNA EXPLODE?!!? IS ANYBODY LISTENING?! HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [sic].” And meanwhile people can’t get over how sharp the new control panels look in dispatch.

Actually, yesterday I was complaining about people complaining and being too negative. Today I am complaining about people being too positive. I guess I just like to sit and play devil’s food cake advocate and emotionally gobble up logic flies in my web of lies.

Mostly, I want a Rip Van Winkle nap in which I wake up and have a beard and none of my problems are even relevant anymore.

Over and out, comrades.

P.S. This song has valuable, timely advice and a ridiculously cool video though. Note it!

This Is 401-not-o-K

Nothing is working at work! Code Purple Irony Alert.

Hype guy says: “Irony, son!”

At one point last week, our fax machines didn’t work, our email didn’t work, our website didn’t work, our online store didn’t work, and duh, yes, of course, the server was down, helloooooo…what does this look like? A place where we do stuff?! Gawd.

Anyway, believe or not, there’s a reason everything is down. It’s because the company is in the process of migrating to bigger, better systems. And along with every upgrade comes the growing period where everyone slams their doors and yells “I hate you guys! I wish I had a different family!” at each other.

Remember all those comfort goodies we got awhile back? Where are they now? Probably in the same place as all the lost emails and missing webpages. I could take a nap in a bagel right now. Just to rest my head on its donut-shaped surface…

Instead, now it’s just desolation with zombies-formerly-known-as-Jill-from-accounting-or-Phil-from-sales wandering the hallways with vacant looks in their eyes, their fingers twitching from excessive mouse-clicking (to no avail) and keyboard tapping.

Anyway, every time something goes wrong in my department, I’m handed a new responsibility that I am not sure how to handle. So the company’s not the only thing growing! I am too. You have no idea.

In fact, I am not even communicating in words anymore. If anyone at work tries to talk to me, I flail my arms and make drowning noises, and the nice thing is, they understand. In fact, this is a perfectly reasonable reaction to anything right now, most especially, “how’s it going?”

Stiff upper lip.

And trembly lower lip.

[communicated from trench-formerly-known-as-cube at 1400hours]