I Don’t Care How Hot You Are!!!

my blog pretty much peaked with that last video.

so if everything in the hereafter is a disappointment, well, welcome to life.



(just about the life part)

i showed my sister the video below (ima just keep talking about it, f the quo) because she works in public health and just came back from a year in india, and she was all “pshhhhhh you know how many times i’ve showed that video as part of my job?! we’re the ones who publicized that video” and i was like “oh, i can step to that! it’s amazing” and she was like “yeah it really is.” so the fact that i know someone who brought this video into the common consciousness, well, hellll-ohh! checking off another life goal, thank you very much!

this morning, traffic was moving slow. it’s raining, whaddhya want?! traffic and weather. that’s what i’m covering today. anyway, it finally started to clear up but i was still stuck behind this car moving really slowly.

now i always wonder why certain cars decide to go against the grain and move so much slower than other ones especially on parkways and highways. personal taste? maybe. fear for safety? perhaps. revenge? in rare cases.

anyway, i decided to inspect what i had been dealing with after i passed this car. and guess what? the car contained precisely one and only one confused-looking man trying to take off a sweater, and half of it was off and half of it was on. he was indeed caught in quite the predicament. he had one arm still stuck in the thing. and it was sort of OVER HIS HEAD and only his little face was peeping out (reminiscent of beavis and butthead’s great cornholio).

now i’ll admit, i’ve done some stupid things while driving though i am reforming my ways. falling hellasleep. texting. eating complicated food. holding open cups of hot beverages. but taking off a pullover sweater (also might i note the wooly kind that is always one size too small with a neck gap the size of a peephole)?! well i never!

this spells trouble with a capital Cosby
photo courtesy of Flickr and Joe Schlabotnik