That’s Aristotally Deep!

due to website maintenance, the work atmosphere is tense again.

the IT guy (studio audience breaks into raucous cameo applause) came to help me with something, and i noticed his shirt had elbow patches on it.

i cheaply remarked, “you know, wearing a shirt with elbow patches adds roughly 20 years to your age.”

then, to everyone’s surprise (everyone being me), he launched into a tirade about how he has stopped trying to look and act young because all of us are going to die anyway.

it wasn’t an angry tirade so much as an emphatic one.

but i’m a horrible recipient of tirades. i never give them the proper respect or deference. i usually blink, nod and then try and sweep them under the rug so as to lessen the appearance of “making a scene.”

the only scenes i want to be a part of are ones involving trendiness and free drinks.

jk, guys, jk. lolz.

anyway, in conclusion, i couldn’t even explain my computer problem to him properly so we really got nowhere fast. it was quite existential really. talking about the inevitability of life and then getting nowhere. i think all the old late great philosophers would’ve giggled a little.