Underground News Network Debut!

Oh, hi. Sorry. I didn’t see you there so the fault is all mine. What’s that? Oh, well yes, I have been on TV. You recognize my face and shifty-eyed demeanor? Ah, that might be because I was on Russia Today’s The Alyona Show recently commenting on two subjects with which I have very little experience. What two subjects? Get ready for this: politicians and being cool. I know!

Honestly, when I got there and they rushed me to the make-up chair, that was enough. I had reached spiritual Hollywood at that point. Specifically, when the make-up lady told me I have beautiful skin and natural eye shadow (Is this a nice way of saying eye baggage?), I could have gone home at that point. I was happy as a clean and clear clam.

But no, then there was the actual being on TV part. Hah! I didn’t know exactly what I was going to be asked so I probably could have done with being a whole lot funnier, but I was kind of in disbelief that I have gorgey skin and glossy eyelids the whole time. Anyhowdiedoody, roll the clip!

(My clip starts at 21:42.)