Once in a Blue Monday

Giving up coffee doesn’t have to be my New Year’s resolution anymore (I don’t actually believe in resolutions, only high-resolution for photos) because I done-did it already!!!

Yes, I have effectively been off the brown sauce since last Wednesday (ok, so not a week yet but things are looking encouraging, emphasis on raging).

Actually, today I was allowed to pour myself a cup of it, but I was only allowed to smell it and listen to it, but not drink it. It went really well, you guyyyyyyyys. I didn’t even venture a sip.

Do cry over spilled coffee.
photo courtesy of Flickr and tienvijftien

Also, I started taking these energy natural vitamins (I know it sounds weird but they are legal and non-prescription! Jessi to Zack: I’m so excited! I’m so excited! *breaks down* I’m so…scared!!) and today I woke up with an incessant urge to climb mountains and cross rivers using naught but my footsies and armsies. Outstanding. I can’t wait for the 20/20 story on these bad boys.

Two other tings:

1: Andy Kindler rulez.

2: Holiday video made by my improv group, Jinx