Once in a Blue Monday

Giving up coffee doesn’t have to be my New Year’s resolution anymore (I don’t actually believe in resolutions, only high-resolution for photos) because I done-did it already!!!

Yes, I have effectively been off the brown sauce since last Wednesday (ok, so not a week yet but things are looking encouraging, emphasis on raging).

Actually, today I was allowed to pour myself a cup of it, but I was only allowed to smell it and listen to it, but not drink it. It went really well, you guyyyyyyyys. I didn’t even venture a sip.

Do cry over spilled coffee.
photo courtesy of Flickr and tienvijftien

Also, I started taking these energy natural vitamins (I know it sounds weird but they are legal and non-prescription! Jessi to Zack: I’m so excited! I’m so excited! *breaks down* I’m so…scared!!) and today I woke up with an incessant urge to climb mountains and cross rivers using naught but my footsies and armsies. Outstanding. I can’t wait for the 20/20 story on these bad boys.

Two other tings:

1: Andy Kindler rulez.

2: Holiday video made by my improv group, Jinx

I Share These Videos Because I Care Deeply

I can’t even talk about this video! If I did, well, no, no hypotheticals. It’s. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m done. Stick a cable in the Internet because it’s done too. Darn it. It’s all downhill from this video. Basically.

I also consider this multimedia a telling reenactment of the current world situation.

Good Grief, This Is Too Much

i’m having trouble reconciling myself with the fact that i have lived this long without this video in my life:


choice commentary:

i thought it was real! haha

omg that was as scary as heck i thought it was real i was like run lady god

i thought it was real too i was like RUN RUN LITTLE LITTLE KIDS! lol

lol oh man i thought that was real for a few seconds than I saw the doggy XD oh god my eyes were opened wide for that moment ^_^;;;

also go see T-Pain Giggling! instant oatmeal of a crowd pleaser.

mad props to Nicky T for the tips. i tip my hat to you, sir!

Time for a World Premiere!

this is my seattle comedian friend andy’s video blog. he’s on a european adventure, and this is part 1. i’m in it a little bit, but that’s not the point. the point is it’s funny. i guess you can say i have a few cameos. so does kojo mante, DC comic, as well as some other good folks. this first part documents andy’s trip from seattle to DC, then up to NYC where we went to an improv marathon, then back to DC. i guess the eurotrip starts next time. anyway, enough fluffy stuff, ROLL THE TAPE.

Andy’s Grand Adventure Part 1