This Post Was Written With an Epi-Pen!!! THAT’S HOW EXCITED I WAS WHEN I WROTE IT!!!!!!!

So I got another haircut. It seems like I mostly get haircuts in life. Which is probably true. I consider getting your hair cut a hobby just like crafting. I went in for the last-minute Sunday appointment, which is always just a huge rush.

To make things more adrenaliney, my stylist was so excited the whole time; a fact that was probably compounded by the fact that she kept popping Jolly Ranchers. Don’t worry, she offered me some. But I prefer a line of Pixie Stix myself or a dab of hot brown water to the temples. Anyway, she wanted me to be her guinea pig because she had only done trims and blow-dries all day, and we all know how that goes! So she showed me this style she wanted to try on me, and honestly, I was scared. But I grimaced bravely and nodded assent. I was putting the fate of my follicles into this woman’s scissorhands!

She kept squealing the whole time, and she even took before-and-after pictures, she was so pumped. She finished with a big ole huggaroo. It ended up being a 2.5 hour haircut that she walked me through in stages (like a cooking show)!

And the most comforting part is, I love it (granted, it’s still in salon condition)!
(My stylist also made me blurry for free!)

Also I have a bug bite on the bottom of my foot. I don’t know how to handle these things. They are like the Sudoku of bugbites…a real head-scratcher of a foot-itcher.


I saw The Dark Knight finally. And I must say! There was this one scene where Random Mobster 42 made a really funny face when the Joker said something ridiculous. I mean, a really funny face. Like the kind you could send in to America’s Funniest Home Videos as an entry in itself. I’m surprised that the cameras did not pan in for a closer look. I wonder if later he brought up with a mobster friend what he found so gosh-darn weird about what the Clown Guy was saying, besides all of it.

Also did anyone else notice how the Joker kept telling everyone a different story about his scars? He must tell the worst stories at parties because it’s always slightly different but still like “LOOKIT ME!!! I WANT ATTENTION AND STUFF!!!” He’s definitely “that guy” at parties. Especially when he man-handled Rachel Dawes, and then got all up in her face even though he clearly needed a breath mint or something. I rolled my eyes and then they rolled me. It was that much exasperation. Men are such clowns, and clowns are such men. Am I right, LADIES?! *shrug*