The Server Just Melted Down. Want a Cookie?

omg guyz, i got my bracez tightened yesterday. it hurtz like krazy. lmao, i just tried to eat a banana and it felt like a rock, no joke!!! lol lol. omg. wthigo* ow ow ow. here iz a pic! LOL.

star explosion courtesy of NASA and Astronomy Picture of the Day

rubix cubicle news

we’re MIGRATING our current company website to a new one rather like a flock of unwieldy geese pages to the warmer web waters of florida. and things are going haywire. people are walking around in zombie mode stressed and tired having breakdowns left and right. i wish they were doing breakdowns left and right like in the middle of an R&B song. this is the breakdown! and then they suddenly got deep-voiced and soulful. rather than half-crazed and vengeful.

but anyway, HR is trying to create a ceasefire medium by stuffing us full of carbs — the sworn enemy of sharp emotions. carbs make everything numb and puffy and cloudlike. which means HR baking us impromptu cookies apropros of nothing and ice cream sundae day and bagel monday and fruit tuesday and ice cream sandwich wednesday and coffee thursday and pizza party friday!!! yesterday i walked into the kitchen and there were three cakes just sitting there waiting to be had and the remnants of some donut crumbies as well as some sandwiches. you know how they say not to bite the hand that feeds you? i sure didn’t…i hi-fived that son of a gun!

so BASICALLY, worktime crisis looks like SOS* to me.

i’ve been so tired recently i’ve been bumping into walls. since everyone always says they’re tired, i thought i would up the ante and provide some proof of how tired i really am. how tired are you?

this is awwwwright.

*what the heck is going on?
**smooth optimal sailing