Nightlife of the Party!

First off, Happy Everything! Now onto business.

So I took a nap in the middle of a party today.

Literally. I didn’t move to a more covert location. I just stretched out on the couch and made good on half-lidded promises.

I asked my Mom later what people said and how they took it.

People talk. I know they do. I still expect to see and be seen even if I’m not conscious at the time.

It’s hard having to set trends and not know how the masses are going to take them.

Plus shuteye photographs provocatively so I won’t be surprised if my clumsy mug shows up on the gossip equivalent of some family blogging sites some time soon.

One of the hosts’ kids confronted me later saying, “Hey. What happened?”

Oh, I don’t know. I can’t help that I rock so hard with my constant snacking and TV flipping that I reach a climax known as utter and total exhaustion.

It’s pretty intense. I wouldn’t recommend it for those with dignity or any sense of decorum though.